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GMP SpA has been operating for years with extreme professionalism and dedication in the road construction sector. He is currently able to offer to the customer, whether private or public, of any type of work big and small, on the following: excavations, embankments, network infrastructures, and works in concrete and masonry, asphalt pavements and concrete, paving stone exterior and self-locking.


Our machine park allows us to face demolition of small and largeby offering a complete and accurate from the demolition to the disposal.


G. M. P. S. p.to. it is able to offer its customers a range of concrete pavements, and placed in an environment that is both classic and modern, for use in private homes or in public spaces.


Screening system in five floors, with storage of finished material in the hopper. This system allows you to the selection of five different sizes of gravel and a thorough washing of the same.


The production and sale of concrete, is accomplished by means of a process which begins with theextraction of inert materials from our quarries and the consequent production of grit and sand of various particle sizes.


GMP spa, with a fleet of machinery made by 34 mechanical means, 19 trucks, specialist operators and a consolidated experience in the sector is able to respond to every need of the yard.


We are always in the system, “quality”, both as a policies and prospects to apply for the achievement of pre-determined quality standardsthat , as the business philosophy, to disseminate, implement and extend to the end customer.


Our facilities make it possible interventions aimed at the maintenance and cleaning of drains, cesspools, clearing of sewage channels, clearing rooms flooded, dry nets, wells and tanks.



GMP Spa – Concrete and road construction work, aggregates.

GMP S.p.a. has been operating in the road construction sector for years, consolidating itself as a real point of reference in this field in Umbria and beyond.

We offer the customer any type of work, both large and small and we address both private individuals and companies and public bodies. You can contact our company for excavations, ballasts, network infrastructures, reinforced concrete and masonry works, bituminous conglomerate and concrete floors, stone and interlocking outdoor floors, and much more.

Thanks to a highly trained staff and the use of cutting-edge machinery and latest-generation technologies, we ensure the customer excellent service, strictly complying with current regulations and agreed delivery times.


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Cava property GMP Spa

Via Monte Pelato, 06035 Gualdo Cattaneo PG, Italy

Plant Loc. Pian Del Prete - Collazzone

The company's production facilities Perugia Conglomerates Srl


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